Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 31st, 2018

Don't buy a second iPhone. Use this instead 📝
The most important part of launching an app is taking a picture of an iPhone running your app using a different iPhone.
Easy! For those who own two iPhones and a picture-perfect desk. 😂
Harder for the rest of us. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the 18 Best Device Mockup Generators. Upload screenshots of your app, and these magical apps will do the rest for you.
Notable mention: ScreenSpace lets you build 3D product videos for your mobile or desktop app. You can even customize the camera angles. Take a peek at the header GIF for a preview. ✨
If you’re still building your app, these prototyping tools might be useful:
📝 PixelSnap lets you measure every pixel on your screen. You can say goodbye to CMD + Shift + 4, and there's a secret Product Hunt discount hidden in the comment section.
👻 Spirit is an adorable ghost mascot bundled with a powerful animation tool for the web. Over 1300+ upvotes!
🖥️ The Modern Web Design Process is exactly what it sounds like. Learn from the experts in this free ebook.
Check out the rest of the Prototyping collection on Product Hunt. 😽
Prototype Your App

Google launched a Nextdoor competitor yesterday, called Neighbourly. Is this launch just another Google Plus? Join the conversation. 🏘️