The Modern Web Design Process takes a deep dive into the processes that culminate in successful websites, from the initial discovery work to the post-launch iterations.

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In over a decade of work in the digital design world, I've learned that designers of all forms often struggle with process. Not only in terms of logistical questions — like how to implement a process, what steps to include, etc. — but also, and more importantly, with the concept of process itself. After all, we're creatives, right? We don't rely on process, but on the flash of creative insight. On "inspiration." But if you've ever wanted to beat your head against the wall after the 15th round of changes on a project that definitely inspired you … well, you might find a little process can go a long way. Inspiration comes out of the blue — that’s the source of its power. But it can also be a potential problem, leaving clients and colleagues wondering if their input has been accounted for. In the end: that’s what process is about. Removing surprises. Accounting for others’ invaluable input. Relying not on one person’s inspiration, but a whole team’s insights and expertise. Hence, this new free ebook, where we take a deep dive into every stage of the design process. We show you how tools like moodboards, wireframes, content models, and more can help you: Get everyone focused on achieving the same goal Secure buy-in incrementally, with lower-fidelity tools Communicate the underlying logic of your design thinking Reduce feedback cycles Give content a starring role in the finished product Iteratively build the right solution, not just your solution This book is not meant to be prescriptive, but rather, descriptive. It details not only what a given stage in the process is, but also why it’s valuable. Which stages you adopt are ultimately up to you. But we think you should give it a try. A little process might be just the thing for you. Happy reading!
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@johnamwill I looked this over at a high-level and the content is really helpful. Thanks for creating this John + Webflow team.
@johnamwill looks like a perfect resource for starting out or brushing up - thanks for sharing! And thanks for including gifs 🤙
@optimizethis Our pleasure, Keith! Thanks for taking a look.
@kevinguebert Thanks, Kevin! And hahaha—we do loooove our GIFs at Webflow :)
@johnamwill Short and precise. Love it, thank you for writing♥️
Can I just say... amazing timing. I've been scouring the web recently for this exact thing. +1 +1 +1 !!
@jeffrey_wyman Nice! I love it when we can coincidently provide exactly what people are looking for!
As usual, the Webflow team knocks it out of the park! Strong work!
Awesome I have been looking for something that could make the web development less painful =) Great job and keep creating similar information to those that are looking =)
@rolling3dudehvy We surely will, Kevin. Thanks!
@johnamwill I turned this into an actionable checklist. Anyone who uses Todoist, enjoy!
@jeffrey_wyman Can you update it please?