Spirit Studio is an animation tool that helps designers and developers creating and managing their animations real time in the browser.

✔︎ Super easy to use

✔︎ Live edit animations directly on your web page

✔︎ Animate SVG/HTML

✔︎ Timeline editor

✔︎ Import/export JSON and play animations in production using the Web Player

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26 Reviews3.2/5

A great tool for animators, designers and creative developers out there.

I would quickly change the business model or pricing especially in your early stages if you want to avoid losing tons of potential customers, it's either that, or it's waiting for one of the big boys to completely rip off your concept and have it incorporated in their software suite... in fact, I think It's going to be a simple matter of time before that happens, so your competitive edge is probably going to your first mover advantage that you have now.

Not a lot of people are going to pay 180 dollars for a half feature that costs more than a TWO year subscription of SketchApp or even the Adobe Creative Suit.

Edit: Im almost a 100% sure Airbnb is going to add this feature to their already free 'Lottie' design tool... so it's indeed a matter of time. For anyone interested: https://airbnb.design/lottie/


Great tool for creatives.


Insane price and/or broken business model.

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Agreed, completely put off by pricing structure.
it looks like the pricing is now $12/month or $144/year? That isn't much if this is a tool you're using everyday. Get the company to pay for it. edit: Also, if Airbnb is going to add that feature, they've already paid the price for the development for their "free" tool.
Disappointing that there's no way to try it before subscribing :(
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@gsimone We're currently working on a trial version, will be available soon!
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@patrickbrouwer Love it. Hope to try it soon
@gsimone @patrickbrouwer start collecting emails of interested people for that!
@gsimone give Keyshape a try and you won't regret. Best part is it's only around $30 and one time purchase https://www.keyshapeapp.com/
Too expensive, everyone has subscription greed. $12 a month. Get Tumult Hype for a one time fee, does the same and so much more.
The product looks great! Although, its overpriced.
@dadatalks It's definitely worth it!
@dadatalks @patrickbrouwer Don't listen to all of these naysayers; try out subscription-based pricing and you can always lower the price or add more value to make the price worthwhile. Most of these people complaining about price wouldn't *ever* pay for your product even if it was $0/month, they would try the trial and then move on to the next flavour of the month product on ProductHunt.
@dadatalks @rudolfolah Thank you for your kind words Rudolf. I truly believe in Spirit and think it's definitely worthwhile and absolutely not overpriced. However, it's true we lack on (video) tutorials, examples and more. Those are in development. Also the trial version is something we're working on and will be available soon. Thanks!
@dadatalks @patrickbrouwer @rudolfolah That's a very narrow opinion. Price high now and lower later? And add features later? That's a path to no-users IMO. The tried and true method is give a good discount to those that jump on early. They will have to deal with some bumps, beta testing, and less features but they got the deal so they'll accept it. Charge the higher price later when you have all the kinks out and features that are worth it. I'm sure you put a ton of time/effort into the tool but that unfortunately doesn't translate into pricing. The market decides value. $99/Year for SketchApp, Tumult Hype Pro $99 (one time), and others are what you are being compared to and its a value proposition. Even if those tools aren't direct competitors, if I look at the value I get out of SketchApp for $99/yr vs $144/yr for SpiritApp, I can't justify it. I pay $60/month for Adobe CC and get EVERYTHING. Amazing value. IMO, you can't look at this type of tool from a "what I think its worth" perspective but need to look at the alternatives out there (direct and indirect competitors) and how you compare in value. A one-time free for $49 (maybe even $69-79) and I'm more interested. I think you also need to consider the use case. The number of people that would buy this and use it daily or multiple times a week is much smaller than the group that may use it once a month (or less). Is it better to get 10x (or more) the users, at a lower price where the value/cost is acceptable? Or charge the $144/yr and only attract those that will use it often enough to justify the price? Just some transparent and hopefully constructive feedback...
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@dadatalks @patrickbrouwer I'd add to this that I'm generally time poor, so 7 day trails are nowhere near long enough... I generally look for limited free accounts that showed me what an app can do, which will then convince me to start paying for more features.
a subscription model for a tool (especially at this price) that doesn't own an entire workflow (ui design / prototyping or production) seems insane.