Product Hunt Weekly Digest
March 14th, 2021

Around is back
It was a year ago that Around launched, right when WFH was just becoming the norm for office-goers.

Since the start, this nex-gen video call tool grabbed attention with a better video UI. Its slick, AI-based framing feature keeps video minimal and floats to free up your screen — like smart profile photos versus Brady Bunch boxes.

Now the company has raised a $10M Series A and launched Around 2.0 with its newest feature: The EchoTerminator.

The EchoTerminator eliminates echo and also the wince we all make when multiple devices in one space start to screech. Combined with previously released features like background noise filtering and voice proximity detection, Around is working to replace traditional conference room hardware. That would be a big benefit to the "new normal" post-pandemic, where many of us will continue working remotely.

For the audio experts, maker Dominik Zane explains: “Around’s EchoTerminator engine completely solves the hybrid-remote challenge: sophisticated ultrasonic signaling, complex DSP algorithms, and real-time audio synchronization ensures that all microphones and speakers are enabled concurrently, meaning everyone is heard perfectly.”

The stack of WFH tools is still growing, with recent pro-collaboration additions including Sims-esque virtual offices, asynchronous recording tools and slack standups, video call networking, and automated team building.

Let us know what products have become your WFH essentials.

Now, come with me if you want to get rid of that mic echo.
Get Around 2.0
Gladys, an open-source assistant powered by Raspberry Pi, just launched Gladys Assistant 4.0. Founder Pierre-Gilles explains what’s new:

"We’ve completely reworked the product, with simple goals:

  • Great UX with no need to learn CLI to use Gladys Assistant
  • Stable product, with an automatic & seamless upgrade process
  • Fast
  • Lightweight"

  • If privacy is at the top of your concerns or has prevented you from home automation in general, this might be a good time to try Gladys.