Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 17th, 2021

Myspace, anyone?
Nostalgia-inducing products are pulling at our heartstrings right now. On Monday we reviewed David Dobrik's Dispo, the camera app that elicits nostalgic feelings associated with using a disposable camera.

Towards the end of last year, Maker Of The Year Runner-up, An, created SpaceHey. A fully functional Myspace-like site where users can have fun, meet friends, or be creative. From its blue and white exterior, to the “I built this using HTML” vibes, SpaceHey feels like a living time capsule.

As the OG of social media, Myspace elicits nostalgia for that simpler time on the internet when Myspace Tom was everyone's first virtual friend. If you’re keen to relive the memories, we think you'll enjoy it.

If you're ready to go fully down the rabbit hole of nostalgic products, here's a lil' journey back in time:

💽 Make Wordart will have you reliving simpler times of art projects in IT class

📟 Gifcities is the retro animated GIF search engine

👾 The Internet Arcade is a playable archive of 900+ retro arcade games for your delight and nostalgia 🕹️

💾 Retro App Store show's how the App Store would look if it was launched in 80s

🐍 Retro Widget and Retro Widget 2 blast users back to the 2000s using their iPhone and Apple Watch. Snake 2 anyone?
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This is cute. Create your own "Wall of Love."

Shoutout launched today by serial Makers Sharath and Curtis. They've made it easy to tap into existing social proof and turn community shoutouts into a beautiful wall of love. ❤️