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Drone-based home security for the rest of us

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This is wild. Will v2 come armed with tasers? Oil slicks? Banana peels? 🤔
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@rrhoover Exactly my thought... I kinda wanted him to press the red cross to see if the drone would blow to pieces the intruder...
@rrhoover lol this is exactly what i was expecting with the "This is wild " notification. Booby traps and sniper bb guns with the option to eliminate the target from your phone.
@rrhoover We were thinking starting with a glitter bomb, to make easy to find the intruder ;-)
@rrhoover koopa koopa shells
Hi guys! We are super happy to finally announce what we have been working for most of this year. My co-founder and I were both huge drone enthusiasts and we wanted to build an outdoor home security system that didn't require us to install and wire a bunch of cameras. We wanted the camera to go where the action is and give you the best point of view, instead of being fixed on the house it is trying to protect. As we started developing it, it turned out that the more complicated part of the system wasn't the drone, but the ground sensors that would need to identify unusual activity and summon the drone when appropriate. Not only do the sensors need to be smart about detecting what is happening on your property, but they also need to work together as a network to reduce false positive, determine direction of motion, and to act as a navigational beacon for the drone. We raised a round of funding from General Catalyst, and we started building. And today we are happy to announce that we have a set of working systems, detecting what is going on and an autonomous drone that takes of and flies itself to the location it wants to investigate and streams back live video (and returns home and lands) Our next step is to build up interest and to being manufacturing. This is why today we are announcing the product and opening up reservations. Happy to answer any questions. -Alex
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@alexpach Looks awesome! A couple of questions: since the lights don't look like they're secured to anything, what's to stop someone plucking them out of the dirt or throwing something over the sensor? How do I sign up to your list to stay updated?
@michaele_harrington There is a very clever theft protection system that will announce later. Our mailing list signup is here:
@alexpach Awesome stuff! Added value - would work great for scaring raccoons and deer away from raiding backyard fruit trees :)
@romirez it's the ultimate scarecrow
I have a daughter. This is ideal.
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I don't even own a house and I want this.
I assume this is most useful at night. Does it have a camera that operates well under low light conditions?
@tianglim Yes, works both during the day and at night. But most home invasions actually happen during the day.
@tianglim when google buys them in the next 6 months they will integrate all of Nest's technology