Earn cash for going to the gym and living healthy



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Jeff NeedlesHunterHiring@jsneedles · Data @ Houseparty & Maker of Things
I've been using this app for a few months now... It certainly does have the right sort of motivation to get me to the gym. It's not about getting rich, it's about not losing money. The business model is genius, the app works well & the team is super responsive. So happy to post @PactApp here!
Georg Kitz@gekitz · Baking iOS things at
So the money other user loose is distributed to users which live healthy. Is there a real money transfer happening? How do the users get paid?
Geoff OberhoferMaker@globerhofer · Chief Product Officer, Pact
@gekitz yes, there is a real money transfer. We pay out rewards through PayPal when users request them.
RocketClub@rocketclubco · founder, RocketClub
Great idea, i was wondering where the money would come from. But this is pretty smart.
Julian Ozen@the_jozen_one · works @awscloud
Really awesome product. I've been using it since Sept and I haven't missed a week since. It's not really about making money, it's about not losing it. Pact is really good about changing your mindset. Before if I'd have a busy week, I'd be too lazy to go to the gym. Pact has gotten me better about doing what I can do, and trying to squeeze in working out when I would've otherwise said "fuck it." If you know the upcoming week will be impossible, it's very easy to plan ahead. But with pact, theres no giving up on your commitment halfway through the week.
I wonder can it be applied also to startup goals (getting users, reaching financial goals, finalising releases or launching product). Perhaps there is already something similar out there?
Manasvini Krishna@manasvinik · Indie hacker
@kristapslazda They're not specifically for startup goals, but there's StickK and Beeminder which can be adapted for goals other than fitness. I only found Beeminder recently, but their approach towards tackling motivation is very interesting.
@manasvinik Awesome! Thanks for suggestions, will need to check them. :)
Taylor Edmiston@kicksopenminds · Software Engineer @ Astronomer
@kristapslazda @manasvinik Not sure the analogy makes sense to me with you taking yourself to the gym as a purely internal goal vs. by having to depend on other people, finding customers is more external.
Manasvini Krishna@manasvinik · Indie hacker
@kristapslazda @kicksopenminds I agree-- "finding customers" is a fairly broad end goal, and may sometimes depend on external factors. StickK assumes you'll do whatever it takes to get those customers (or ship the product) to avoid having to pay up. As for Beeminder, it makes you break the goal into quantifiable regular actions you can do by yourself without having to depend on others, such as 'research customer needs', 'make at least 2 cold calls a day', 'write 1 blog post a week', and so on. All of which are activities we may need to do, and often procrastinate doing :). The main similarity lies in that all these products use commitment contracts to prevent self-sabotaging.
Taylor Edmiston@kicksopenminds · Software Engineer @ Astronomer
@kristapslazda @manasvinik Beeminder sounds awesome -- I really like that strategy. The 2 co-founders of Kapture's strategy for pushing them was that they couldn't shave their beards until they shipped.