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@chrismessina I feel bad, since the creators seem like nice people. But this is like everything wrong with the internet right now.
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@chrismessina is there a easy way to make a barf emoticon...?
This seems... like a bad idea. I don't really know how else to put it. Ratings are already such a subjective and sometimes reductive practice. I'm not sure what good would come of this? Apparently if you're given a bad review, it gets sent to you first and then you can contest it privately with the reviewer, but I don't see that as going well either.
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@veronica this idea has been tried many times, and typically fails — for the reasons you've mentioned. There's just not enough incentives in the world to keep people on their best behavior, and when given the chance, without shared context, people will tear each other down. This is why and more exists (I don't like; only mentioning them because they illustrate my point about the secondary market that exists to "hide" negative information from Google and elsewhere). I'd love to have @Kazanjy come and talk about his previous efforts to build Unvarnished and then
@chrismessina @veronica hmm, whatever happened to anyway?
@veronica could this be PH's next vertical? People Hunt? cc: @rrhoover
@jsneedles haha nooooooo!!
@jsneedles I'd upvote you in the PH People category.
@veronica @jsneedles ha! Some suggested we create collection of people but we've avoided it for obvious reasons.
@jsneedles Why can't I upvote this 1000 times over?
There was an episode in season 10 of "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" that was literarily about an app like this. It ended up with Dennis loosing his mind because all his interactions with people, had to be even more fake, cause he didn't want bad reviews about him.
@skirano I've got to find that!
I just think Pee-ple is likely to piss someone off. Oh! (Drops the mic!)
@dflanegan Dude you're on fire!