Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 6th, 2020

Good vibes only ✌️

We love Twitter. It’s a great platform to meet new people, share updates, learn from others, get feedback, and have fun. We even have a whole topic dedicated to it. We don’t love Twitter trolls.

Moderate launched in beta this weekend using AI to tackle this issue. It allows users to block problematic Twitter accounts, while also recognizing and tagging patterns of good or bad behavior using AI. The intention is for users to prioritize what content they enjoy while weeding out possible indicators of online harassment.

“We take and analyse your mentions using close to 10 AI models and identify accounts that are automated, use toxic language, share fake news articles etc. and highlight them in a moderation queue which allows you to mute or block them on Twitter.” - Ali Tehrani, cofounder

Users can request an invite to the beta below. Makers Ali and Mark have been whitelisting Product Hunt users over the weekend.

If you're waiting to get on the list and want a troll free zone on social to tide you through, exists exactly for this reason. Drop a note of positivity, and bask in the good vibes.

Block the trolls

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