Outline is an open source project created by Jigsaw (Alphabet) to provide a safer way for news organizations and journalists to access the internet.

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Like the execution, skeptical of the source. 4/7 thumbs up.
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@besttimyouknow You're skeptical of Google?
@amrith People use VPNs to hide themselves from companies like Google, so I'm sure there's doubts on whether you are actually protected here.
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@fanahova Fair point, but this is completely open-source and self-hosted so AFAIK, everything's controlled by you.
@besttimyouknow I understand your point. In this case, I think Alphabet's (Google) goal is to allow freedom of speech, which Google is generally for. Google benefits from the world being open (literally, they make more money with democracies than dictatorships) so it is in their best interest to protect journalist in those countries. I wouldn't use it to avoid getting ads though ;)
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@amrith In the second screenshot it prompts you to choose a server, so it was not clear if the servers were hosted by third parties or if you could set those up yourselves too. It looks like you can though, which is pretty cool!

Trusting Google with your VPN is akin to buying the lock to your henhouse from the fox. Sorry, not buying this.


VPNs are an essential resource


It‘s from Alphabet (Google)

If I'm not mistaken, the software is open source and you can run it on your own VPS.
I disagree here. Google does not have access to your data, and the software is open sourced if you are really concerned about it.
You're not trusting Google with anything. They authored the initial code, but you're the one executing it. It's completely transparent.
No love for Apple :(
Any timing on when macOS support releases?
Seems like a good solution if you need the extra control. Running your own server can "start around $5 USD per month", as they say, I paid $5 for fully hosted TunnelBear last year. So definitely not a cost saving measure.
@grantgamesgames Sadly TunnelBear has been acquired by McAfee so you should cancel immediately.
@grantgamesgames @pugson Wow. That is some horrible news!