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October 15th, 2020

Case of the zoomies

Zoom was on a roll this week, launching two new products that got everyone talking.

Zapps, or Apps on Zoom, brings together some of the best productivity apps right to Zoom. Say goodbye to searching through your tabs to find the right Mural board or being voluntold to start a random document to take minutes.

With one click, you can use an app during a meeting in the same screen. Some of the coolest features include voice-to-text transcriptions directly in apps, live workout stats for fitness sessions, and becoming your very own quizmaster.

You can test out over 35 apps that have made their way to becoming a Zapp from familiar names like Asana, Slack, Coda, Atlassian, and Zendesk among others.

Zoom also launched OnZoom, a marketplace to monetize and attend virtual events. In the age of virtual everything, OnZoom is definitely giving major entertainment companies a run for their money by allowing users to sell tickets, schedule, and promote their event all in one spot.

Stayed tuned next week when Zoom will start to roll out its much anticipated end-to-end encryption for both free and paid users. Create your own virtual top-secret meeting with your squad. 🤫

Which Zapp do you think will make your life easier? Let us know on the product page. 👇

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