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March 14th, 2018

$52M for Airtable, RIP Microsoft Excel 😳

Airtable just raised a massive $52M funding round, and announced a new apps platform that gives non-coders the tools to build complex software. They're also hiring for dozens of open positions.

Like Station and Coda (which announced a $60M funding round back in October), Airtable is ushering in a new era of productivity software that’s part spreadsheet, part database, and super flexible for different workflows.

From 🗓 editorial calendars, 📋 user studies, 🎉 event marketing, and even running entire 📦 inventory management systems, Airtable users have been creating workspaces for just about everything:

2015: "I use this tool every day." – Ashton Kutcher

2016: "Airtable You serve a noble purpose, and props to your designers for making spreadsheets *gasp* enjoyable." – Stephanie Engle

2017: "Switch to Airtable. We power our fund on it." – Josh Felser

2018: "Dipped my toe in the Airtable API last night and the water's jusssst right. Can see myself building all sorts of silly stuff..." – Clark Wimberly

The Significance of Airtable Blocks

In the late 70's, a Harvard student invented the spreadsheet, put 400,000 bookkeepers and accounting clerks out of business, and revolutionized the way we do business. For the first time, founders and engineers could hyper-optimize everrrryyything. 600k accountants joined the workforce.

Airtable Blocks are like spreadsheets in the 70's, but for programming. We've partnered with Airtable to give you first access to Airtable Blocks:

🗣 Translate an entire content calendar from English to French using the Google Translation API.

🖼 Scan images of all lost and found items using the Google Cloud Vision Block and automatically update CRM records with the keywords.

📱 Send text messages to everyone in the organization right from Airtable, using the Twilio SMS Block.

You can use them to manipulate objects in 3D, generate custom project dashboards, get real-time KPI visualizations, and tap into APIs that would normally require developer integration.

Explore the Best of Airtable

Airtable Universe is a new publishing platform that anyone can use to publish their Airtable database in public.

We just published their database of all the top quotes from our How to Build a Career in Tech book, translated into Spanish and French using Airtable Blocks.

Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt (we are Airtable users!) and sponsored by our friends at Airtable. Psst! They're hiring. 😊

Airtable Blocks

Silicon Valley star Jimmy O. Yang just published How to American: An Immigrant's Guide to Disappointing Your Parents, a deep-dive into how he made it in Hollywood.

His comment from last year is the most-upvoted in PH history. 🌭

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