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August 2nd, 2020

Us vs. the Machines
A couple of weeks ago we wrote about OpenAI’s newest project, GPT-3. We predicted that we’d see some interesting projects emerge as this became more widely available. So far we haven’t been disappointed.

In the last week, VWO launched a competition to pit GPT-3 against human copywriters. The ‘friendly’ competition is set to run this month testing AI generated headlines, button CTA’s, and product copy against human-written versions. The tests will be conducted on VWO or any A/B testing platform, meaning anyone can participate.

In an about turn, rather than pit AI against human writers, student maker Qasim used GPT-3 to help make writers block a thing of the past. Shortly uses GPT-3 to allow writers suffering with block to hit a button and AI will continue where they left off, generating new creative plots and story developments.

Rather than focus on functional copywriting and storytelling, the folks over at Themesberg tested GPT-3’s ability to assist humans in writing code. GPT-3 Tailwind CSS uses GPT-3 to build Tailwind CSS code snippets. Currently still a work in progress, maker Szőgyényi admits the project is far from perfect, but has trained the AI to work with buttons, inputs and lists. The aim is to save humans time and effort building user interfaces.

If this short overview has piqued your GPT-3 curiosity but you don’t yet have access to test out yourself, you can view more projects and demos on GPT Crush.

Are you brave enough to test your copy writing skills against the machines?
Test your copy
One of today’s most interesting launches: Flocknet a tool to search your Twitter followers by job, workplace, and keywords.

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