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Themesberg was created in order to bring quality code and templates together. We use a unique and new design trends created solely by our team and we innovate the process of developers by trying and using our products.
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Hello PH 👋 I am the co-founder and CEO of Themesberg and together with @roberttanislav we launched the first version of Themesberg about a year ago. We design and develop beautiful website templates and UI Kits with popular CSS Frameworks. Currently all our products are created using Bootstrap. Currently we have a pretty popular UI Kit called Pixel which has both a free and pro version. Pixel Lite has been downloaded by almost 1k developers and Pixel Pro has more than 100 purchases across all platforms (we also have products on Codecanyon). We are a bit different from other web templates creators as we use our own UI Kit to develop other themes (such as Leo, Leaf or Spaces). We take pride in the fact that our code is simple and clean to use. Some positive aspects and milestones that we offer and reached: ✅ Over 1k web developers using our products ✅ 2 free and 4 premium products launched ✅ More than 100 currently live and working websites were created using our templates ✅ Growing community of developers & customers It doesn't sound like a lot, but less than a year ago we barely had a couple of downloads and users registered on our website. We try to offer free versions of most of our products to give back to the community as we also use an open sourced technology (Bootstrap) to develop our products. Check out our website, products & blog and let me know what you think of it and how we could improve! Cheers, Zoltan, CEO @ Themesberg