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July 15th, 2020

Zoom's new product for remote teams
Zoom just launched its version of the Facebook Portal for business in partnership with DTEN. They’re calling the product Zoom for Home - DETN ME.

The DETN ME is a 27 inch touchscreen for video and audio calls through Zoom (of course), collaborative whiteboarding, and document annotation. It is meant to allow for seamless and easy remote calls and sharing, an always-available addition to your work from home setup.

It’s available for preorder for $599, shipping in the US this August. No word on international shipping just yet, so for global teams, we’ll have to make do without for just now.

As remote working and WFH continue to rise, we’re seeing more products emerge to make collaborating remotely better and more seamless with new hardware:

Facebook Portal initially launched with a focus on family communications but has since added language around team collaborations in more recent months.

Meeting Owl Pro is a 360° smart video conferencing camera designed to be set up on the go to make any space a video conferencing room.

Video Window is an immersive always-on video conferencing portal for teams.

SideKick connects colleagues 1-to-1 on a small video screen, especially useful for Executive Assistance and Chief Of Staff roles where constant connection to one other is more valuable than to the whole team.
Get Zoom for Home - DETN ME
Struggling to get a good nights rest? This product could help. 😴
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