Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 17th, 2018

Nintendo’s surprise product launch 📦

Nobody expected the launch of the Nintendo Labo yesterday, a DIY cardboard creativity kit powered by the Nintendo Switch.

The assortment of Switch games is each powered by a cut-out cardboard "toy-con." The launch video featured a fishing pole, drivable cardboard RC cars, and a playable piano.

There's even a wearable suit where you can play as an Iron Man-esque robot, exploring virtual worlds (and destroying a building or two). 🙀

Nintendo's successes have always attracted non-gamers into virtual worlds, whether that was the explosion of Pokemon Go last summer or the launch of traditional Nintendo games like Super Mario, Animal Crossing, or Miitomo on iOS and Android over the past year.

Wall Street has noticed: their stock has doubled in the last year. 📈🔥

For those of you that don’t have a Switch (yet), here are more than 900 classic games from Street Fighter to Paperboy that you can play in your browser for free (no cardboard required).

Nintendo launch video 🕹️🔥
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