Super Mario Run is a new kind of Mario game you can play with one hand on your phone.

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Glad to see Nintendo embracing iOS. I hope to see Zelda soon after. 🙏🏼
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@rrhoover May that wish come true!
@rrhoover Instead of notifying, I guess Apple will just send a... Link.
@rrhoover it looks like Sony is following the move! 💓
@rrhoover Curious - what's your favorite Zelda game?
@rrhoover Flappy Mario 🎉
EDIT: It's now available for download in the App Store 💃 You can sign up to be "notified' when Super Mario Run launches on iOS later this year
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@jackdweck awesome move. Apple's first version of "pre-orders"?
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@rrhoover @jackdweck a little bit of a double standard but I like the move if it's their way of testing "pre-orders" before providing it to everyone.
@rrhoover @jackdweck Just got my notification when I woke up. What a wonderful day!
The notification is new correct? Wonder if anyone else will be able to 'pre-launch' their apps.
@joshdance This has been a common feature for Android. I hope they start rolling it out to more developers on the Apple App Store
@leonhitchens Really? Any link on how to do this for one's app?
@joshdance Apple is trying to improve the App Store experience and I believe it's a move to test the feature. Hopefully it will be available to everyone soon.
Welp. I'm pretty sure this is the moment where I switch to an iPhone.
still not available :(