Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 28th, 2020

Facebook's TikTok competitor
The jam sesh goes digital with Collab, an app to create music together remotely.

Tip your coffee cup to the R&D team at Facebook who also created this and needs to CatchUp on some sleep this weekend.

TikTok has been busy capturing creators, and this feels a bit like their duet feature. On TikTok duets you need to invite someone to join you, but on Collab you can mix your video with others on the platform at will.

Once your track “slaps” and you’re ready to release it, turn that content into cash. Starting next week, Instagram is rolling out ads in IGTV and planning to share new that revenue directly with creators.

Getting back to the music, we’ve seen some cool indie app releases this week too.

Mixroom lets artists share out their unfinished music and song drafts that didn’t make the cut. It’s an unfiltered music haven for fans and artists who don’t always want the polished goods.

Helio is an open-source composition software where you visualize the music as you create it.

Seems like the pandemic is giving life back to music. ✌️
Jam with Collab
TooDeep launched a peer-to-peer support platform today. It's an anonymous place to share how you're feeling with others to help you heal.