Make music together, while we're apart. Made by Facebook. 🎵

Collab let’s you watch, record, and remix 3-part music videos
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I'll play the triangle 🎶
@rrhoover do you have a triangle? if so, we have to get you in the app asap
@jasontoff I wish. Although it's only a few clicks away on Amazon Prime.
@jasontoff @rrhoover get on that amazon order!
@jasontoff @britmennuti1 I decided to buy a cowbell instead
I thought Product Hunt was suppose to be for up and coming companies/products. It's not cool to get sponsored emails to my inbox for a monopoly like Facebook two days in a row. I'm unsubscribing from your emails.
@marielvargas I understand your point of view, but I don't share it. I'm happy to have heard about this new product, thanks to PH. Of course I have a special love for fresh new makers creating good stuffs, but I don't see why the work of good makers shouldn"t be featured because they work in powerful companies.
@paulodef Thanks for sharing your POV. Bootstrapping/raising money and getting user feedback is an extremely difficult process. When you have unlimited of both, I personally don't want to receive two sponsored emails back-to-back of something that was created in a multi-billion $ lab (basically copying two companies: Clubhouse and TikTok).
I play a mean kazoo
Sad to see anything from Facebook on Product Hunt. It'd be great to see PH return to featuring products from small teams and individuals over products from large co's, as I've seen many small products/projects on here turn into successful businesses. I understand there are no signup restrictions, but it's a bit strange when a new product from Facebook, Apple, etc. is on the "top list" next to an ingenious new product from one or more independent individuals.
@codyfitzpatrick It probably their monetisation :-) Everyone needs to monetise to keep the business afloat.
on waitinglist now
@pezzin soon i guess! they are shipping hard