Product Hunt Weekly Digest
May 17th, 2020

Shopify = 🚀
Shopify’s stock price over the past year has been going up and to the right. 📈

They’ve been on fire these past few weeks. Between business surging with the pandemic pivot to ecomm to being named Canada’s most valuable company, they somehow found the time to ship an impressive product too.

That product is Shop, formerly known as Arrive. It’s like a personal shopping app that learns more about you as you use it, and it makes the shopping experience pretty seamless with no form-fills. You can follow brands on Shop to watch for new drops or choose to shop locally and find online stores near you. When you use Shop you’re automatically offsetting the carbon emissions your deliveries produce, which is pretty neat too. 🌿

“I’ve been using this app (it was called Arrive) for a few months and it’s seriously awesome for automatically tracking packages from Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc. Plus, it’s so simple and beautiful!” - Nick

We’ve also seen an upswing in products launched for Shopify by partners and the maker community. Promo launched a video-maker so that store owners can create pro-quality videos to embed on product pages or use for social posts, and OneSignal built a tool to remind shoppers about abandoned carts through push notifications. Square made a product photography robot to take better photos for your store without the overhead of a pro photo shoot.

And while we’re at it, we wanted to refresh your memory on the lesser-known launches by Shopify:

- Burst is Shopify’s answer to Unsplash with thousands of free stock images for store owners

- Hatchful is a free logo-maker that auto exports social media icons

- Draggable creates custom drag and drop experiences with a library of options

Keep an eye on the PH homepage for all things Shopify, we have a feeling more launches are coming soon. 👀
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