Shop (by Shopify)

Your new shopping assistant. Pay, track, and shop - better.

Shop is your new favourite shopping assistant. Find local merchants near you, stay in the loop with brands you love, speed through checkout with Shop Pay, and track everything in one place. From add-to-cart all the way to home.
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As Head of Marketing for Shop, I couldn’t be more excited to announce this launch! This product (which is a takeover/rebrand of our Arrive app) is a true labour of love which has been in the works at Shopify for the past few years. It brings together the best features of Arrive and Shop Pay into the digital shopping assistant that every shopper out there deserves. Shop helps you throughout your shopping journey: from discovering new products, placing orders with your favorite brands faster, to tracking your packages, all in one place. I can’t wait to see what new features the team comes out with next, but for now, download and #Shopbetter, today.
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@melwingsanhuang Cool! Just checking it out. Is there a way to discover/browse brands without searching them? I’m not much of a brand person so I don’t know what to search for but I’d be interested in finding things and browsing products.
@izzydoesizzy Hi Izzy! Your 'Shops' tab should populate with recommendations based on the brands you've shopped from at Shopify. It does this through syncing with your gmail. Hope that helps!
@melwingsanhuang what an amazing product to bring to market - and nice rebrand, to boot. Congrats!
@melwingsanhuang This is awesome. It seems to me that Shopify is heading towards helping individual Shopify merchants sharing traffic by Shop. Looking forward to see more brilliant ideas on the roadmap.
Shop has arrived 🥳🥳🥳
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I've been wondering when Shopify would experiment with product curation and direct commerce. The company's in a strong position (think of all the data it collects) to create something unique in an otherwise crowded space. Well done, @melwingsanhuang and team.
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Smart rollout, to start with Arrive (package tracking, even for non-shopify packages). Everyone can benefit from that - and then once the app is installed, you can benefit from having a single app for preferred vendors. Just yesterday I had to buy cat litter from the website of my local pet shop online to do contactless pickup. They use Shop Pay for the payment so I didnt have to re-enter payment details, and now their store info is in this Shop app so I can easily repurchase. It also helped me find other local stores that are offering online purchase and pickup - LIKE MY FAVOURITE ARTISAN ICE CREAM SHOP DOWN THE STREET. Who'd have though an online platform would be so valuable in connecting with my local shops?