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November 21st, 2017

Thinking of switching from Chrome? Read this. 👀

Om Malik is the founder of GigaOM and a partner at True Ventures, where he invests in early stage startups. Today he shares some of the apps he's most thankful for. 🦃

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It has been almost two months since I quit visiting Facebook. I still post photos from my Instagram and occasional notes via Buffer, but if there is anything I miss it is publishing random musings, which are too small for a blog post and too long to be a tweet.

A friend suggested, why don’t you collect all your thoughts and post it as a blog post? And today seemed like a perfect day to start doing this. It is a little grey, rainy and chilly in San Francisco — and for once I have just two meetings during the working day. I have made my favorite tea, and I am sitting in my apartment — just musing about various things.

• Bear: I ended up buying Bear because it is so pretty and I am a sucker for indie apps. The app is everything I like about a note taking app: pure, the ability to do a lot more styling if needed and ability to sync across all of my devices. Sure, it costs $14 a year, but I don’t mind paying because the app makes it easy to get on with it.

• BBEdit: how can an app be so amazing and awesome after so many years? The newest paid upgrade of BBEdit still makes it one of my favorites. It does cost a pretty penny!

• Firefox Quantum Browser: This is a great new addition to a growing landscape of browsers. I am enjoying it more than Chrome. I have replaced Google search with Duck Go Go and stopped all sorts of tracking on the web with it. I absolutely love the Pocket integration. Trust me, you want to download this and get back into the Firefox camp.

• Twitter Apps: I spent $20 on Twitterrific, and I don’t quite get what the fuss is all about. Sure, I get the threaded conversations, but that isn’t a top priority for me. TweetBot is equally as good and I don’t mind the Twitter app either. I much prefer Twitter in the private window of Safari/other browsers.

Om's Favorite Apps
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