Firefox Quantum

The newest, fastest version of Firefox yet. πŸ”₯🦊

Firefox Quantum is the newest, fastest version of Firefox yet. Launches November 14, 2017. Available in beta now for all.

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Am I misinterpreting the video, or does it just show that firefox and chrome are about the same speed with some negligible differences on occasion... Thats fine, if so. Just seems like a weird way to market something.
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@dancyfits To be honest Chrome has been in a league of it's own for so long, I guess it is boastful advertising to have similar browser render times.
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@dancyfits I was thinking the same thing lol, But if its an honest review I guess it matters which one of those sites you use the most to be able to choose which browser works best suited for you
@dancyfits It's about as fast as Chrome, but it's using much less RAM (which isn't mentioned in the video for some reason)
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@dancyfits I like the honesty. Recently saw a talk by them and they said they expect to see 2-3x speed improvements in the next 18 months or so.
@dancyfits @duarteosrm Are you referring to Chrome or Firefox?
Firefox 57 is seriously a gamechanger. It is ridiculously fast + nice sleeping at night knowing that Google isn't stealing absolutely every piece of information about me
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@patrickbolle absolutely. I have always use Firefox and moved to Google Chrome a few days back on a friend's suggestions. I am back to using Firefox again with Firefox Quantum. The screenshots tool that comes with Firefox Quantum is my most favorite.
@philipyoungg Hahah hello Philip! Stay warm for me, it's cold up here in Canada!
@patrickbolle "nice sleeping at night knowing that Google isn't stealing absolutely every piece of information about me" - This is serious
Direct shots at Google Chrome (see the video). Speed is a top priority for me, but I have so many Chrome Extensions that I don't want to lose. Request for product: Chrome Extension to Firefox Add-On converter.
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@rrhoover Firefox Quantum also deprecates the old proprietary Add-On format so the new cross-browser extension format WebExt is now the only way to publish Add-Ons for FF. With that, it's extremely easy to convert Chrome plugins into Firefox Add-Ons. Our previously Chrome-exclusive plugin ( took maybe a few hours to convert and publish to the Firefox Add-On store.
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@jgierer12 ahh! Good to know.
@rrhoover @apsops I knew this was available!
Ask search? Really?
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Have been using it for some time now and migrated everything from Chrome. The Firefox Quantum features a great speed improvement, indeed, and a sleek new UI. (Look at the update below). However, I don't really like that the address and the search bar aren't taking the whole empty space but are rather constricted in the center of the toolbar. This creates some awkward blank space around them and on the right side, it feels like there are several missing toolbar icons. Everything else I've seen about the UI feels great, especially the tabs, the colors and how unobtrusive the new UI is in the browsing experience.

Update: As others have pointed out in the comments, the whitespace around the toobar could be removed and the toolbar icons can be customized so this is not an issue.

It might be me, but I have also observed some issues with pages rendering (the Firefox install I'm currently running is clean from ad-blockers and such plugins). For example, when I open a startup page on BetaList, the main image is never loaded. It might also be a compatibility issue of this particular websites.

I especially like the sync feature and the ability to easily make page (or element) screenshots directly within the browser and without looking for thrid-party extensions.


Speed; UI; Sync; Ability to do page screenshots;


Found several websites which work great on Chrome but have issues with Firefox;

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You can change to use the address bar as a search engine and get rid of that search box on the right in Preferences > Search. I'm not sure about your other concern but I think it's fantastic.
If you right click the tool/search bar section, firefox included whitespace "icons" you can remove that will fix the issue you have with the blank space around the search bar.
@dorelljames, @hingadingaling thanks a lot, so the concern about the white space is out and the ability to customize these icons makes it even better. After several more days of use, if I exclude the rendering issues (which might as well be websites' compatibility issues, not browsers') it feels great.
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