Product Hunt Weekly Digest
May 10th, 2020

The most underrated skill in startups
The one thing that has the potential to dramatically increase the value of your brand, the impact of your marketing, and the conversion of your products is simple: better copywriting.

If you spend your time anywhere in the early stages of launching a company, honing your writing and your pitch can be a big help with acquiring customers long term.

If you already have copy to work with, a good way to find out if it’s working for you is to test it with your audience, and that’s what Copytesting is doing. Although much of what you can do in startups is inherently measurable, it’s really tricky to get data around your copy.

Another copywriting product that caught our eye this week was Gramara. If english is your second language, this will be particularly useful, it was built to help english-learners specifically. Gramara uses natural language processing and AI to increase the fluency and clarity of your writing. It will catch not only errors but will intuitively draw conclusions on what you meant to say to suggest the right corrections.

The maker, Jack Qiao, was inspired by his ESL family who was having trouble with the mainstream grammar apps like Grammarly “They assume that your writing is mostly correct, and don't perform sentence-wide changes that are sometimes necessary. They don't parse your text for semantics, and most of the time they simply can't detect that anything is wrong at all,” says Jack.

If your english is already pretty good, you can use Gramara to generate paraphrases in alternative writing styles. See what works for your audience, and you’ll be golden. ✍️
write better
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