#5 Product of the DayMay 04, 2020
AI grammar checker that works 1000% better for non-fluent English writers (see a side-by-side comparison with Grammarly, LanguageTool and Google Docs in the screenshots) Gramara uses the latest NLP technology to increase the fluency and clarity of your writing
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Hi everyone, excited to show you a project I've been working on for the past year (many thanks to Vedran who did a great job on the front-end) Gramara is a grammar correction tool that focuses on *fluency translation* - ie. it makes your writing sound more like a native English speaker. I started working on this after seeing my (ESL) family members struggle to use Grammarly and similar tools. The issue with these tools are: 1. They assume that your writing is mostly correct, and don't perform sentence-wide changes that are sometimes necessary 2. They don't parse your text for semantics, and often come up with nonsensical recommendations if your English is particularly broken. Most of the time they simply can't detect that anything is wrong at all 3. The errors that ESL users tend to make are not always grammatical in nature, and often has more to do with diction and phrasing 4. Native English speakers don't write in a completely grammatical way, so fluency translation is not exactly the same as grammar correction but more akin to paraphrase generation Gramara is a grammar correction system that uses transformer-based AI technology, and treats grammar correction as an NMT (neural machine translation) problem. It can give you several options for sentence-level corrections, as well as back-translate the corrected sentences to your native language if it's not English. It's not perfect, but in general it works much better for non-fluent users than existing tools. If your English is already good, Gramara can instead generate paraphrases in alternative writing styles. The screenshots show some real-life examples of the difference between Gramara and Grammarly. Here are some other examples that you can try: Because we are a few numbers of people at our store, it has been very inconvenienced for those who have been difficult to connect to the phone. I don't know if what's happen to her. What you have to do is just showing up the meeting point. I don't object their coming here. I had got a bit chubby face when young, but I don't have anymore. I keen support architects and the public pay part attention to buildings' good look but not just the function. Sometimes people try a lot to achieve their aims, but after many hardworking still they can not get their goals. A doctor said that it's need 100USD, but it is the half of my salary in a month.
Very nice app, just registered and tried to use it. Loved that it gives you a several possible options. And the UI is clean and beautiful. Good job guys!
Cool product guys. Recently learned that Grammarly can store your email data - curious what your privacy policy is? Do you store any of the email/online doc data you read on your servers?
@nikosmela hey Nikos - we don't store any email/online docs at all actually
Nice job, @jak_9994. I'm all for tools that help people communicate with clarity. 👏🏼
@rrhoover thanks Ryan, appreciate the support!
Congrats on the launch! I left some thoughts on your landing page here in annotated format mainly in relation to the above the fold area, hope its useful - https://app.usebubbles.com/14793...
@tom4 thanks for the feedback, reworking the landing page is definitely on the todo list