Product Hunt Weekly Digest
March 1st, 2020

Goodbye IKEA art

Last weekend, Binned Art launched with a novel approach to selling art. The curated marketplace lets artists sell their work anonymously (mostly to recoup the cost of art supplies) and helps patrons buy affordable, original art.

“As a fellow painter, I kept on cluttering my studio with unsold works. While I worked on refining my style and finding my artistic voice, I wished I could sell some paintings under a pseudonym to make room for more.” — Maker Adrian del Mar wrote on Product Hunt.

How it works: Instead of using galleries to sell art, any artist can submit their art (mostly paintings and drawings) to the marketplace. The prices of the painting are based exclusively on the size of the painting, and artists can calculate the accurate price to sell their work using a built-in calculator.

Ultimately, the idea is to help early-career artists refine their style while making money, and simultaneously help more people be able to afford original art.

More alternatives for purchasing *unique* art:

📹 Infinite Objects lets you “print video”

🖼 Art Bloom sources canvas prints from independent artists

👀 RARE Art helps you find limited edition digital art

💸 Artmood lets you buy or rent original art

🙌 Otis lets you invest in original art for as little as $25

Binned Art
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