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January 9th, 2020

The 2-week-old app with 1M downloads

David Dobrik has 11 million Instagram followers. He has even more followers on YouTube, where over 15 million people subscribe to his channel. All of that is excluding the three million followers he has on his Instagram account dedicated exclusively to photos taken on a disposable camera. You get it — David has a lot of followers.

That’s why it’s not that surprising that David’s new camera app, David’s Disposable, has already reportedly surpassed over one million downloads. FWIW, it launched in late December. 📸

The app landed briefly at the top of the list of Apple’s more popular free apps in the App Store, sitting above Disney+ and Instagram itself (it’s no longer listed at the top of that list). According to The Verge, folks on TikTok have also taken to recommending the app.

The lo-fi, '90s look of disposable cameras has made a big comeback on Instagram as of late, a trend fueled by nostalgia and the need for imperfection on an app the rewards perfection. So far, that look has been achieved through apps like Huji Cam (which was downloaded over 22 million times as of 2018), 1888, Gudak, or an actual disposable camera if you’re old school.

David’s Disposable seems similar to a lot of these apps — it turns your phone screen in a Fujifilm-style disposable camera. When you snap a photo with app, you have to wait until 9 a.m. the next day to look at the photos, simulating the experience of an actual disposable camera. You can also order the photos as prints directly from the app. 👀

David’s Disposable is free to download, but a $1 subscription fee will get rid of ads within the app.

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Speaking of making a comeback, email newsletters have become big business. This super nifty tool launched today to help people buy and sell ad space in email newsletters. 💌