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Take your photos and wait for them to develop

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 10, 2020
It’s super easy to use! Just open the app, take your photos, and wait for them to develop. At 9AM every day, you will get a notification that your photos are developed and ready to be viewed, similar to actual disposable cameras.
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A person pays $1000-1500 for a new iPhone 11 because it has a better camera. They then download an app to make these better pictures lower quality.... have we run out of ideas for good apps all of a sudden?
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@mark_beare The pendulum is swinging the other way.
@mark_beare film is making a comeback! I think people are trying to be more thoughtful with the pictures they're trying to take.
@shavin47 I think that is a good thing. Not sure if an app is needed to do it, just a little more self control :)
This is very clever. Seeing a lot of 90s style, disposable camera-esque photos on IG lately, but there's no app that really imitates the look of film (the closest is maybe the Huji app). I think this app could blow up this year due to David's star power + product-market fit.
This is just stupid. Now get off my lawn.
@garyfung How long to get cloned 300 times on china using gov money, gtfo
I like this idea. I remember a similar app years ago on here. Don't think it got even close to as popular as this. It's always funny to see how timing in the market, or seemingly small differences can make the product a huge hit or fall under the radar
@kristofertm I think it's mainly because David Dobrik, with 11 million followers is promoting it. Despite this, you are 100% correct about market timing. If someone who made a similar app in the past reached out and partnered that could've been something big too.
@kristofertm I remember that app, particularly the waiting until the images "develop". Novel concept but it must have fizzled out. I wonder how long the sparkle on this app will last. I'm sure it doesn't matter with the revenue built off ads in just this initial round of promotion.
@kristofertm @justinbmiller There's a premium sub in app too and it's gaining steam on tiktok. Depending on what David does with his influencer status he could push for some longevity. Stay tuned for some "disposable" challenge going viral.
So you can take photos and see them now - or you can use this app and see them later. Makes sense.
@gejoreni correct. Imperfect pictures are more charming and candid. It's just not as enjoyable taking photos when the person wants to snap 50 in a row and skim for the perfect one. That's just not reality. I personally am all for this concept, love the idea of getting one shot to get a very real photo of what the moment was really like.
@gejoreni @davor_sehovic why would you do that when you can get the exact same experience via an app? That requires people to carry an entirely new device with them
@gejoreni @davor_sehovic and this is coming from somebody who is an amateur photographer and carries a camera anyway. This app isn't really for me, but I can still understand the appeal of it