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January 2nd, 2020

RIP alcohol

2019 was the year of the “sober curious” movement.

We saw product launches of all stripes in this space, from Kin (a non-boozy alternative to alcohol) to Haus (a low-ABV option) to a cannabis-infused social tonic.

So it’s appropriate that there’s now tools that promote wellness around alcohol consumption. Notably, Less launched this week to help you become more mindful about drinking. The app was created by the makers of Zero, an app the lets you track your fasting.

How it works: As you log drinks through the app, your daily intake affects a weather simulation where you’re on a metaphorical sailboat. To keep “skies sunny and the wind at your back,” you have to stay under your alcohol limit. The app then organizes your drinking data in graphs so you can watch things like how many drinks you have per week and how much money you spend on alcohol over the course of a year. There’s also a “Tips” tab that has a selection of drinking-related articles, mocktail recipes and advice from medical experts. 🙌

Some early reviews from the PH community:

“I’m pumped for this. Use Zero religiously.” - Justin

“I really appreciate this app and I wish I had a product like this when I decided to curb my drinking a few years ago.” - Zak

“Just embarking on dry January. Less is going to be in my pocket and on my side“ - Carrie

Would you use this? 10 points to whoever has smooth sailing for the rest of the year. ⛵️

Try Less

New year, less data. Do a data detox to control your digital privacy, security and well-being. 🙏

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