The Warby Parker of alcohol.

Today we’re launching Haus, an alcohol brand designed for the way millennials drink today.
We’re taking on an industry that hasn’t changed in almost 100 years by rethinking how it works, from product to distribution.
Think of us as the Warby Parker of booze.
  • Craig Hunter
    Craig HunterEarly Uber, Ritual, & CEO at Bitmaker

    Love the concept, the design, and looks like an awesome team.


    Can't wait to try it.

    Heard about Haus through the grapevine, can't wait to order some.

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  • ✎ Gin Lane
    ✎ Gin LaneDigital Creative Studio in NYC :)

    Delicious, light and beautiful bottle


    Some physical store representation!

    Love them and the product (obv biased on the brand!)

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I read your Medium post and while it tells the nice little backstory to Haus, it really doesn't answer any questions. Sure, the "why" is there, but where's your "how" and "what"? You claim that the alcohol industry is "ruled by a three-tier system where distributors and bartenders are the gatekeepers, ultimately deciding what you drink." which at first sound ridiculous, but you reeled me back in with pointing out that commercial liquors are strong (I'm assuming you mean 80+ proof) and high sugar (unavoidable depending on the liquor, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt), and don't necessarily reflect evolving consumer trends. So when all's said and done, I really don't know what Haus is supposed to be. The Warby Parker of alcohol is catchy but meaningless if I don't know what these seemingly unrelated brands have in common. Understanding your product shouldn't rely on familiarity of another, especially if their business model evolves over time. Liquors are pretty well defined by creation process, so are you offering an array of personalized liquors? Is the focus on more health-conscious alternatives and lower alcohol content? I'm confused more than intrigued, and would have greatly appreciated a more thorough explanation of your product and business plan. An explanation that doesn't rely signing up for a mailing list. Thanks.
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@chris_germano more info on their first product in this forbes article:
@john_mctavish Thank you for the link, the fact that none of those specifics are brought up in the aforementioned links is honestly more perplexing than anything. So it's a line of apéritifs, starting with "Citrus+Flower", okay. These pseudo-grandiose marketing angles "the [big name] of [unrelated industry]" just rub me the wrong way, so I can't pretend to be unbiased. It just feels like a lot of fluff, but purchasing alcohol and critical thinking rarely go hand-in-hand, so only time will tell. Thanks again, though.
@chris_germano You're welcome. I agree with you, but just decided to do some digging on twitter to see if there was more to the story.
@john_mctavish @chris_germano If you read my backstory and your first instinct is to assume it's a sham, I would agree that you might be biased.
@john_mctavish @helena I'm happy to see the current version of the website has concrete products and clearer language. At the time it was lacking both. I never said sham, I pointed out that the marketing angle of using "the [big name] of [unrelated industry]" without explaining why or how lacked the substance and clarity needed to convert neutral observers. I asked questions more than anything. Curious audiences are a good thing when they're treated with respect. Personally, I think I'd enjoy Haus as a product, but the branding leaves a bad taste in my mouth for the aforementioned reasons. Good luck with your venture.
Ok, so we have a whole blog post about nothing. No information on the product. No information on how you are revolutionizing the industry. No concrete stats about the actual issues your are solving... and finally no product... just a picture of a cool bottle. So at this moment the Warby Parker comparison is non-existent since there's no information on anything. I wish you success and hope to see this drink soon, but it is a miss opportunity to launch a product on ProductHunt for hype purpose when there's nothing to be hyped about.
@tostartafire I have to admire the vigor you bring to commenting on product hunt. Keep that fire buddy
@tostartafire @helena That is super condescending and I as well have no idea what you are selling. You market yourself as the "Warby Parker for alcohol" without going into the details of how you arrived at that label. Are you disrupting the supply chain? Are you changing how the alcohol is distributed? You say you are making the products with less sugar but sugar is still present in many liquors so how is less sugar better? This would be equivalent to me saying I am the Katy Perry of Rap without any support behind it. Also on a more serious note, as a sober person, I find the marketing strategy of saying "it's a sober product" with alcohol still present as super misleading. I had struggles with alcohol which is what led me to being sober and you saying something is alcohol free or marketing towards inclining this is for sober people is wrong on many levels.
@helena please could you give more details about how it relates to Warby Parker (per the product hunt description)? I read the blog post and checked the site, but I didn't fully understand what the product is. Is it a customize-able liquor or something?
@_jacksmith We just launched today, so no more teaser page. Check it again!
platitudes. show us something, tell us more. don’t discount countless indy beer/wine/liquor makers putting out great product. story problems abound!
@passingnotes Nice to meet you David!
@passingnotes @helena Again super condescending.
@helena I have been living in Buenos Aires for 4 years now and I became a fan of apéritifs, Aperol and Cynar mostly. Is it a healthier version without sugar? Excited to know more!
@marsnegrette Hi Mars! Exactly. We're starting with a line of aperitifs, redesigned to be more appropriate for the American palate. We have approx. 80% sugar than Aperol. You can read more about it here:
@marsnegrette @helena "We have approx. 80% sugar than Aperol. " what does that mean?