Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 29th, 2017

Best Startup Books 📚🦄
The 7 best startup books tweet turned into 20+ recommendations. By the end of this email your Summer reading list will be all taken care of.

Peter Thiel's Zero to One is the most recommended startup book by the community. It's an interesting read even for those that aren't into startups, and it really makes you think about what it takes for innovation to occur and how it happens.

The 2nd most recommended book will teach you how to run a lean startup, while the 3rd most recommended book by Nir Eyal (and a contributing writer) breaks down how to build habit-forming products.

Other great books on the list include: Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston, Intercom's new book about growing a startup, and it's about time the (just hunted) Venture Hacks Bible was on Product Hunt. ✌️
Best Startup Books 🦄
Y Combinator just held their annual Female Founders Conference, watch Diane Greene, Aileen Lee, and other great speakers.

The world needs more women-led companies, check out some of the female-led companies on Product Hunt here.