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Naval and I wrote this years ago but most of the principles still hold. It's a PDF dump of the blog with some minimal formatting. We were trying to level the playing field between entrepreneurs and the investors who routinely out-negotiated them. You should also read the old stuff from Paul Graham, Fred Wilson and Marc Andreessen. Scientia potentia est (Knowledge is power).
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@nivi This single seminal book was enough than lot of bullshit advice & how to dos available dime a dozen. Helped me understand lot of investment topics n close my round. Cheers to @Nivi n team
@nivi This is awesome! I have a few questions to ask you would it be ok to email you? I'm on benjohnmac@gmail.com - Thanks!
Suggested reading: EVERYTHING HERE Life goal is to make sure I read this whole thing.
Venture Hacks is the single best source of startup knowledge, this eBook puts them all in one place. If you're a founder, reading through these blog posts is a must... Especially How to pick a co-founder, How to make a cap table, The Option Pool Shuffle, and many others.
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ouch! pdf! Beggars can't be choosers of course, but pdf is the worst format for ebook