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October 14th, 2019

Drugs for men

The founders of ASYSTEM (pronounced “a system”) have a new term for men’s wellness. It’s called “betterment,” a descriptor they’re using to sell subscription-based skincare and vitamin supplement products. 👀

ASYSTEM just launched on the heels of a $4 million seed round from investors like Firstminute Capital, S8 Capital and PLG Ventures. They’re entering a crowded space, where multiple companies are competing to challenge our dated notions of what it means to be a guy. So far, we’ve seen launches from startups like Hims ($197 million raised), Ro ($176.1 million raised), Keeps ($22.8 million raised), Dadi ($7 million raised), all of which have made inroads to help men deal with “wellness” areas like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, sperm storage, etc.

“Hims is a fabulous company that makes men's wellness a priority for an affordable price. Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but with consistent use of their hair products and diet/ exercise, I was able to turn some balding around.” - Noel, on Hims

“Really excited to be an investor in Roman. There really hasn’t been any kind of trusted brand for men before. This is great example of a beautiful, needed services designed for the digital age.” - Alexis, on Roman

“What I like about Keeps is how easy the process is to find a right treatment.” - Dave, on Keeps

Love this idea. It’s so hard to take charge of this otherwise — it can be confusing, expensive, embarrassing.” - Tom, on Dadi 

ASYSTEM’s product offerings are less taboo, a key differentiator for the startup.

The company’s vitamin supplement package promises improved “focus, stamina, energy, recovery, mood and sex drive,” and will run you $75 per month. For $45 per month, you can buy ASYSTEM’s 3-step skincare package. The “Total Body System” (both packages) will cost you $99 per month.

ASYSTEM’s founders, Josh Levine and Oliver Walsh, are both veterans in the lifestyle business; Josh is the former founder of Frame Denim and Oliver was formerly the CMO of Aritzia.

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Drugs for men

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Did you know it takes 23 minutes to refocus each time you get distracted? And the modern work environment is increasingly full of distractions, both on-screen and off-screen. This deteriorates our ability to focus and has negative effects on our health. 

There’s no shortage of productivity tools out there today that address these issues. But most solve a piece of the problem – they block websites or play concentration music – rather than solve the entire problem.

Enter: Serene. Serene is the first app to create an optimal digital environment for undisturbed deep work. 

How it works: Serene shields you from digital distractions and enables you to do your best work. It also organizes your day around your most important goal, all in one click. 

Combining over a dozen focus-enhancing techniques, Serene will:

  • Prompt you to plan your day around one clear goal that matters
  • Break your day into clearly defined intervals of focused work
  • Block access to distracting websites and apps during focus sessions
  • Plan ahead, track your productivity & identify common distractions
  • Enhance your concentration with focus music

Pro tip: They’re giving 500 PH users free access to the Pro version of Serene, which comes with additional features like web hooks and phone silencing. All you have to do is download Serene and use the promo code: PRODUCTHUNT to subscribe to the Pro-Plan.