Store your sperm. Stop the clock.

Dadi is a sperm storage solution for men and families - we offer an at-home male fertility test and sperm storage kit.

Dadi's mission is to normalize the conversation around male reproductive health.

Men have a biological clock just like women and we believe that they should have the option to start a family when the time is right for them.

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As more startups like Modern Fertility have come up to service women's reproductive health, we're starting to see companies like Dadi emerge for the other half of the world. I honestly don't know much about this space. At what age should men consider freezing their sperm, @thomaswillsmith?
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@rrhoover Dadi is for every man — whether he’s 18 or 40, the perfect time to learn about his fertility is now. By making sperm collection and fertility testing easy and affordable, Dadi is normalizing male reproductive health and education for everyone.
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@rrhoover @thomaswillsmith Like most things, the answer is highly individual. There are men who can father a child at 80 (however irresponsible that notion might be) and there are others who's sperm quality declines in their twenties. Certainly, a conversation worth having. However, there are significant differences in the "biological clocks" and there's no direct comparison between men and women.
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@rrhoover @thomaswillsmith @andreasduess respectfully disagree. Autism increases correlate with advanced paternal age. (one of many studies)
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@jessicagottlieb Interesting. I had not thought about it in this context before. Thanks for pointing it out.
Yet another product thats branding problematically associates gender with body parts. As a woman with her sperm frozen, I take issue with the name...
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@puppycodes Considering the product is for men to store their sperm so they can become a father later, I think most would agree Dadi a fitting name. There's no problem here
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@puppycodes for however much it may be worth you're 100% right. It's appalling that PH has let these other garbage/bigoted replies to your (valid) comment stay up for so long, especially for a product thats on the front page.
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@puppycodes Thanks for speaking up on this.
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@marz Lol. It's awesome that you're so comfortable having your whole identity associated with being a bigot right out in the open. @rrhoover is this the kind of community you're trying to build?
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Love this idea. It’s so hard to take charge of this otherwise—it can be Confusing, expensive, embarrassing.
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I'm impressed - looking forward to seeing this grow.
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love this! it's important
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