Stop hair loss before it's too late.

Keeps is the easiest way to keep your hair. Answer a few questions, find out which plan is best for you, and Keeps will get you started with a 90 day supply of treatment.

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7 Reviews2.9/5
Karim Maassen
Founder / CEO
It's too late. :')
Jared Krause
Director of Product @ Homebase
Wonderful branding.
US only!? no mention of it here. 😒
Tyler SmithCo-founder
Steer clear of this product and anything that claims it can keep or grow hair. Finasteride is an extremely harmful drug that can ruin a man's life.
Dave Ambrose
Steadfast Venture Capital
Keeps is a simple way for guys to keep their hair and take action on maintaining it. They offer a subscription service for hair products at half the price you’d pay at a typical pharmacy and a way to interact w. doctors to diagnose relevant symptoms. What I like about Keeps is how easy the process is to find a right treatment (either using minoxidil, which is a topical treatment to apply on your scalp or through finasteride, which are pills). I interacted w. a live doctor for my treatment, placed my order and had a box arrive within a few days. I'm now on day four of my plan. Also, if you're a fan of quirky and fun website copy, definitely check out their "Hair Loss 101" section: @stevengoodday and @dkaragas, I'm curious, but why did you build this and was there anything interesting you discovered leading up to launch?
Steven Gutentag
Co-Founder, Keeps
@dkaragas @daveambrose Thanks for the kind words Dave! We started Keeps after my own experience starting to lose my hair a few years ago. When looking at the men in my family, I knew this would happen one day, but was surprised it happened so young. I was lucky and got connected with a top hair loss doctor, and was able to keep my hair. The biggest things I learned during that process and leading up to launching Keeps: 1) 2 out of 3 guys will start to lose their hair before they turn 35 years old, which is younger than most people think. 2) There are proven treatments, but they are most effective at stopping further loss and can only regrow a little bit of what you've lost. 3) There's a ton of misinformation out there, meaning most guys don't know what to do or think there is nothing they can do, so they wait too long to start doing something about it. Through my own experience and what we've learned in the year we've been working on Keeps, we've created Keeps to be the easiest way for guys to keep their hair.
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