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September 29th, 2019

Eminem’s favorite Italian dish

A fun social experiment: Ask anybody, anything. More specifically, you can ask celebrities, politicians, friends or public figures anything on a virtual “public stage,” and then people vote to get the question answered.

A new app called hear, hear! is putting this “power in numbers” idea into practice. Unlike traditional AMAs, the app lets the public start conversations with famous people versus the other way around. So far, hear, hear! users have asked things like what advice Elon Musk would give his 25-year-old self and what Eminem’s favorite Italian dish is.

Similar to traditional AMAs, you can then take a Q&A into a designated space on the app (a “room”) to make it more interactive. You can also use a “private room” with a unique password for things like internal meetings and town halls.

According to Maker, Jasper Hauser, the hear, hear! team came up with, designed and built the app under 10 weeks. The app itself is similar to Reddit and Twitter, but a little more playful.

Early reactions were mixed:

“Great new concept! Love the style direction, something new and very refreshing” - Noud 

“Love the Twitter integration for easily connecting with my existing network” - Lachlan

“The problem with asking 'everyone a question' is that you'll get 'everyone's answer' which isn't always the best solution” - Lee

Users can also ask and vote on questions anonymously, which is a slippery slope, and reminiscent of apps like YOLO, Koo and And Be Honest.

If you have questions for the PH team, maybe try asking us on hear, hear! 😉

Hear, Hear!

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