Anonymous chatrooms and group texting

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Anonymous often leads to bullying, trolling and generally negativity (unfortunately!) - how do you plan to tackle that with Koo?
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@bentossell Hey, thats a great question! Thanks for asking! We have three layers of moderation: 1) Our in-house team of moderators who search for spam & trolling. 2) Community moderation, who are basically users and chatroom owners. 3) Keywords algorithm, which automatically ban certain keywords and don't allow too much negativity.
@toleubaya ok gotcha! So I've seen three 'group texting' products posted this week. Personally, I just dont see it - I don't quite see the draw. How would you pitch group texting as a product to someone who isnt (yet) convinced of its power and benefits?
@bentossell Ok so, we believe that people are kind of chained to their social identities, likes of Instagram and similar products put some kind of social burden on people and that pressure sometimes force people to wear "Masks". We believe that sometimes, people just want to talk. And there is no better way than do it in groups. Imagine a party, a huge one, you don't know most of people there, but you feel that activity, see that there is a group of people out there who discuss bikes, another group who dance, another group who just do nothing and watch this party. You see a couple on a couch who just met each other, but already like one another. This what we are, we are party. And this is why we think that group texting, especially like ours have potential.
@bentossell We are inspired by books and everything related to text, so this is what keep us going and this is what makes us believe that we have chosen the right pass for Koo Chat. "And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy." F. Scott Fitzgerald
@toleubaya Ok, I see your points. But what makes this approach better than just joining a facebook group or joining in on a twitter conversation? I think I do see the benefits of an approach like this but not sure if its enough of a feature that can be shipped and maintain themselves on their own. I know its wrong to think of bigger tech co's being able to just 'add that feature' - but I feel like the problem here is already being met (maybe not fully) by the current platforms out there. Obviously this is completely my opinion and I could well be wrong and lots will disagree with me. Just thought it would be interesting to hear :)
Funny, today is exactly 1 year since Secret shut down. Is that just a coincidence or did you plan it @toleubaya?
@guy Haha, thats really funny! Well no, we did not plan it. And hopefully we do not repeat the same fate. But maybe - "From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king." J.R.R. Tolkien :)
Hey guys! I am a founder of Koo Chat. We are so proud being hunted thanks @stevepyoung for hunting us! Hope PH enjoys Koo and we are happy to answer any questions.
Hey hunters, we have created a Product_hunt chatroom just for you guys. Enjoy.
Guys a little bit about us: We have been #1 Social Networking App in Russia and CIS Region for the past couple of month, reaching #1 Social Networking and #2 Overall App Store We have over 250 Downloads and average of 50k - 100k daily active users We have around 2.5m messages send in a week And we are trying our luck Worldwide, really hope you'll enjoy that "OldSchool" IRC like experience and tell about us to your friends.