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June 27th, 2024
RIP Google Slides?

Hi, hi, hi! We’re almost at the end of another week. In today’s digest, I’m covering some of the latest product announcements from FigCon — Figma’s annual designer conference. But first…

The headlines: 

🚀 Space X has landed a contract from NASA to deorbit the ISS.

☁️ Bluesky has launched a new feature that lets users better curate their feed.

🎧 YouTube is trying to make deals with record labels for AI-generated music.

Here’s everything announced at Figma’s Config conference

It’s that time of year again when designers worldwide flock to an event center in San Francisco. I’m talking about Config, the annual event where the darling design platform Figma shows off what it’s been working on. 

Unsurprisingly, AI is still the star of the show, but the company also announced some other updates, including a Google Slides competitor and a new, refreshed look for the platform. 

Let’s start with the design overhaul. According to the announcement, it’s been redesigned from the ground up to “focus the canvas less on our UI and more on your work.” Users will notice a new toolbar, new navigation, rounded corners across the UI, and some 200+ refreshed icons. 

Moving on from the redesign, the team also announced Figma Slides, probably one of its most practical features yet. As the name suggests, Figma Slides is a Google Slides-style presentation feature. There are a few Figma-orientated features built to delight designers, like tweaking your deck designs in real time instead of jumping between a slide and its corresponding frame. 

You’ll also be able to present that app prototype you spent hours perfecting right from your deck, meaning you won’t have to create a whole screen recording just to show your team your vision for how every piece connects.

Remember how I said AI was still the star of the show? The headline feature yesterday was arguably Figma AI, a suite of generative AI features that are built to help you design and iterate quickly. Like Framer’s AI option, Figma AI lets you generate an entire prototype for web, mobile, and anything in between with a prompt. 

Alongside that, Figma AI comes with features built to speed up smaller tasks like generating placeholder text and an “AI-enhanced” asset search function.



Lazy is an AI tool designed to make building full-stack apps easier and faster. You create and deploy full-stack web applications in minutes just by typing a prompt.

Intercom’s Fin AI Copilot gives every support agent a personal AI assistant. Fin provides instant answers so your team can stop wasting time and focus on what really matters


Question Base is a Slack app that aims to automate knowledge sharing so you can focus on work. It automates answers to operational and product questions and manages repetitive queries.

WidgetStrike allows you to embed feedback widgets directly into any page, and users can submit their feedback without having to login or signup.


Matcha helps you foster community through 1:1 matching based on interest, experience, location – or any criteria you choose. It has built-in video calling, analytics, prompts, and more.

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