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June 26th, 2024
NEW from Notion

Happy Hump Day! In today’s digest, I’m covering Notion’s latest launch which lets users create a site from their documents in just a few clicks. But first…

The headlines: 

🤖 Science made a smiling robot that uses living skin to smile.

🍎 Apple has added RCS support in the latest iOS 18 beta.

🗣️ ChatGPT launched its Mac app, but the voice mode has been delayed.

Notion’s new feature allows you to create sites out of your documents

Ever since Notion appeared on the scene back in 2016, people have been using it for all sorts: from organizing their day to building internal documentation, creating and selling templates, and even creating entire sites.

That last one has become a popular niche among the Notion community since the company allowed pages to be made public. A handful of products have been built around the concept, and now Notion is joining the party by launching Notion Sites. 

As the name suggests, Notion Sites is the company’s solution for those who want to build and host a site using their Notion documents. It is essentially an expansion of the existing publishing feature but with a number of bells and whistles tacked on. 

When you publish your Notion document as a site, you’ll now be able to do several things to make it truly yours, like adding a custom favicon, configuring it with your domain, and adding a navigation bar with links and breadcrumbs. Alongside those features, your new site also has analytics and basic SEO features like meta titles and descriptions. 

One thing the team stayed away from for now is adding too many customization options. It’s not a site-builder like Webflow or Framer, and at the moment, it’s not meant to be. You can theme your site to light or dark mode or respond to system settings, but that’s about as far as it goes. There’s no animation engine, custom CSS, hamburger icons, etc. Over time, the team plans to add more functionality, according to product lead Matt Piccolella.

If you want to take Notion Sites for a test drive, it's available now across the platform. Log in to your profile, swipe through the onboarding, and create a document to turn into a site.



Superhuman just got a big update that’s all about making email multiplayer. You can collaborate with your team on emails, you can share a live view of any email, and team members can comment on both internal and external emails.

Lifestack is a mobile calendar app that helps you schedule your day to boost productivity, using health data from wearable data and smartphones.


Flox empowers you to quickly build reproducible, cross-platform development or application environments—without containers. It’s based on a simple declarative framework.

AiTerm is an AI terminal that is designed to assist developers and command-line users. It simplifies the process by converting natural language into executable commands

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