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May 17th, 2017

Everything Google launched in I/O 🍭📱🚀
Sundar Pichai kicked off Google I/O 2017 by announcing that as of this week, the number of active Android devices reached 2 Billion. (Android is like the iOS for people outside San Francisco)

The company announced a bunch of innovative new services, like Google Lens, a standalone VR headset for Daydream, and an old-school photo album which everyone in the audience received (really). They also launched a new version of Google Photos with lots of cool new AI based features. The app's 500M monthly active users will be pleased.

The most exciting announcement has to be the new Google Assistant. The marquee feature of the Pixel phone is now available to everybody, including people with iPhone technology. It's like having a Google Home right in your pocket, for free.

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Google I/O 2017 🚀
Jian-Yang's comment on Not Hotdog just became the most upvoted comment of all-time! Actor, Jimmy O. Yang said he was honored. P.S. the 2nd most upvoted comment is also Silicon Valley related. 😄