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Sounds nice, but: 1. iCloud has taken my photos hostage to the extent that I can't download the files. Google seems to be to busy to build an iCloud to Google Photos importer. 2. The "Google Photos for mac importer" has got to be the worst Google product ever created - buggy with a lame UI. So until Google come up with a decent way of actually getting my existing photos into their cloud, this won't make much of a difference. Frustrated [paying] google drive / photos user.
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@shai_alon Does Google not have an iOS app that uploads your photos automatically? I run dropbox on my iPhone and my photos/videos constantly sync to my PC. I guess that doesn't help much for existing albums.
@rossdcurrie @shai_alon Yeah, Google Photos ios app will send all pics to Google Photos, just gotta open it to sync I believe.
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@shai_alon Google has Desktop Photos Uploader too. I used it to move everything from iPhoto on my Mac. It worked almost perfectly. There were some photos it did not upload, but I just saved them and manually added them. It was maybe a dozen out of 3,000 that did not upload. https://photos.google.com/apps
@shai_alon You're so right. The Mac auto backup tool is very buggy. It hardly works. It keeps showing a huge count all the time, and I cannot verify if the uploads are actually happening.
The main points from the post: With our new sharing suggestions, you can finally share and receive all the photos that really matter to you, without the work. Using our machine learning technology, Google Photos will not only remind you to share—it will automatically select the right photos, and even suggest who you should send them to based on who was in the photos. Just tap send, and your friends and family will see all your photos, and get a reminder to add theirs too. Now all the photos of that birthday dinner or weekend trip are in one place, including—and especially—the photos you didn’t take. With Shared Libraries, you can effortlessly and automatically send and receive photos with one other person. You can give them access to your full photo library or, if you prefer, only photos of certain people or from a certain date forward. And when they share their library with you, you can automatically save the photos you want so they also show up in search and in the movies, collages and other fun creations Google Photos makes for you. Gone are the days of begging your partner for those special pictures only stored on their phone. We’ll even suggest photo books just for you, like your trip to the Grand Canyon, time with family during the holidays, your puppy, or even your kid’s artwork.
great product commercial :) I had some other really good thoughts about it but I just can't stop thinking about that sandwhich..
This product was cool when it was called "Facebook Moments" too.
@dave_poly facebook's face recognition from 2011 was cool when it was called Picassa in 2009 http://lifehacker.com/5365267/pi... - That being said, the deepface thing FB published in 2014 seem to reference google's research so it's hard to say which came first.
I love being able to create photo books but it looks like they only allow one photo per page (at least from quickly playing around with it), no collages yet unless you create it on your own then uploading it to photos . I like where it's headed though...