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July 21st, 2019

About last week’s viral app…

FaceApp came back last week with a bang. For a refresher, the app went viral ~ two years ago with its seamless ability to make you look younger or older. An initial note from FaceApp founder and CEO Yaroslav Goncharov in 2017:

“FaceApp uses neural networks to modify a face on any photo while keeping it photorealistic. For example, it can add a smile, change gender and age, or just make you more attractive. It takes only one tap to apply a filter.”

As people once again began posting their old/young photos across the internet last week, FaceApp came under fire for privacy concerns. It was reported that the app’s creators are harvesting metadata from user’s photos, and closer looks suggest that the app’s permissions are similar to those at other tech companies. BuzzFeed even ran tests with the app that indicate that users aren’t giving up more data than the single photo they upload to use the app. The company also said in a statement that it deletes most images from its servers within 48 hours of upload, and doesn’t share data to third parties.

If you’re off the FaceApp train, there are other face-altering apps you can play around with. We went down the Product Hunt rabbit hole to find some:

✍️ Avatoon lets you cartoon yourself

💄 MakeApp uses AI to add or remove makeup from any face

😜 Emoji Me Face Maker turns you into an emoji

😳 Reflect is AI-powered face swap

🙃Facehub is real-time face-to-face swap

More FaceApp Alternatives

"This app is genius. Funniest app launch I have seen in a long time." 


Check out MY APP by Steve for some Monday morning levity. 😂

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