MakeApp 3.0

AI based app that adds and removes makeup from any face

MakeApp uses neural networks and lets you add or remove makeup from any face! Choose a photo or video, press one button and let the app do its magic!

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Hey hunters, Previous version that worked with pictures became viral in Asia (700 000+ users within 4 months). This new one can process video. Real-time processing is the next step. Try it out and please leave your feedback!
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What problem does this solve? Why have you decided to create this?
@jnnfrrss This app allows you to add virtual makeup to video-selfies. In the nearest future this tech work in real-time and we'll implement it in our flagship project Magic (AR/AI based entertaining platform). MakeApp is just a demo that demonstrates technologies.
@gabrelyanov That didn't really answer my question. I still don't see a real world problem this is solving.
@jnnfrrss This real time digital makeup feature might be useful for people who use it daily. You overslept but your video conference call starts in 10 minutes, you can add virtual makeup in 1 second. One of many cases.
@gabrelyanov @jnnfrrss I think this is an interesting implementation of tech more than anything, doesn't mean that it needs to solve a problem. That being said, I can definitely see the AR implementations: • "What would my makeup look like if I did it in this style versus this style?"
@jnnfrrss @walsh_ldn James, I totally agree with you. Snapchat filters don't sole any problem, but people love them.
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OK. So I keep seeing these (makeup application apps). A few big brands are doing the same. My wife runs a fairly successful makeup artistry business ( PLEASE DO NOT HUNT). But as a business, we can't seem to connect the dots as to how we can provide our clients more value using one of these. The reason being, we can't show them OUR LOOKS/APPLICATIONS on their faces. If I could implement a custom filter/neural thingy to help them get a feel as to how OUR product/service could look on them, then you'll have my business by the balls and would truly revolutionize things for the beauty industry - which is friggin huge and oft-overlooked here on PH. How can we benefit? Any good use cases?
@stephenalan Thanks for asking. You've just explained what we are about to build in the nearest future: we want to let users choose celebs pictures they want to lookalike and the neural network will process this image and turn into a style, so you will be able to see how this makeup fits you =)
@gabrelyanov Thx. I'll say that's getting there, but not quite where we're looking to go. 1.) If I have a picture of our work (applied makeup), is it not possible to (over-simplifying here) copy and paste that look onto a customer's face? 2.) Can I as a business create my own "filters" for client use? I understand if not, but perhaps someone could help me understand the hurdle here, and why it can't (or hasn't) been done. Thanks again!
@stephenalan 1). That's what I meant. You'll be able to use any picture with makeup (shot on your phone or taken from the web) and apply this style to your customers' faces in real-time using iPhone camera. 2). Yes. You'll be able to create your own style. You will need only 1 picture (example) to add it.
@gabrelyanov [edited question] When do you plan on releasing that update?
Amazing. If only there was a tool to remove snapchat filters!
@daveranan Ahaha =)) The person who'll make is a billionaire )
It's unbelievable how the makeup sticks to the face even with the rotations of the camera
@pulya Thanks ) This is actually what make this app different from others. None of them use neural networks to add makeup.