Emoji Me Face Maker

Transform you and your friends into emojis

Emoji Me Face Maker are custom made emojis that send kisses, wink, smile, laugh, facepalm and many more movements. The cool thing about them is that all that is made by your own character and you can send them in iMessage or other messaging platforms.

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7 Reviews4.3/5
Not a big emoji fan, but really liked the idea of personalizing it to your own face. Reminded me the service i used years ago to create my own current avatar.
I'm the maker of Emoji Me Face Maker, thanks for checking it out! Drop me a line if you have ideas for more stuff you'd like to see added to the app.
Is there a way to export the emojis so we can use them on the keyboard? Love the emoji created!
@danielkempe No, unfortunately not. We'll likely add a keyboard extension soon tho.
I've really enjoyed using this app. I had a lot of fun over Christmas making custom emojis with nieces and nephews and then sending them to each other.
Obviously the best thing ever, lovin' its post on Twitter but can't seem to get the GIF going on Whatsapp. Anybody want to hazard a guess why?
@marietatibouet Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn't have good animated GIF support at this point, so Emoji Me only sends a single frame when sending to WhatsApp.