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Ouriel OhayonHunter@ourielohayon · appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
Not a big emoji fan, but really liked the idea of personalizing it to your own face. Reminded me the service i used years ago to create my own current avatar.
Mark JohnsonMaker@markjnet
@ourielohayon thanks Ouriel!
Mark JohnsonMaker@markjnet
I'm the maker of Emoji Me Face Maker, thanks for checking it out! Drop me a line if you have ideas for more stuff you'd like to see added to the app.
Daniel Kempe@danielkempe · Co-Founder @ Quuu.co
Is there a way to export the emojis so we can use them on the keyboard? Love the emoji created!
Rob HunterMaker@vegashacker
@danielkempe No, unfortunately not. We'll likely add a keyboard extension soon tho.
Ethan Levy@famousaspect · Game Design & Monetization, N3TWORK
I've really enjoyed using this app. I had a lot of fun over Christmas making custom emojis with nieces and nephews and then sending them to each other.
Marie Tatibouet@marietatibouet · French Entrepreneur in Shenzhen, China
Obviously the best thing ever, lovin' its post on Twitter but can't seem to get the GIF going on Whatsapp. Anybody want to hazard a guess why?
Rob HunterMaker@vegashacker
@marietatibouet Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn't have good animated GIF support at this point, so Emoji Me only sends a single frame when sending to WhatsApp.