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May 29th, 2024


Aaron is missing out on another great day of launches, but he'll back tomorrow. In the meantime, I put some space news in today's headlines because I know he loves it.

🚀 SpaceX set a date for its next Starship rocket launch.

🤖OpenAI formed a new Safety and Security Committee.

🫨AI-generated custom emojis are reportedly coming with iOS 18.

🇫🇷The French government announced its list of 120 most advanced French start-ups.

A product for growth people by growth people

The Growth Manager or Head of Growth role has exploded in the last ten years. People in this role serve the purpose of uncovering and doubling down on anything that increases the company’s core goals. It’s an important role, so you’d assume growth people have the data tools they need to be successful right?... 😼

“Growth marketing teams often have one of the largest budgets and are a huge driver of revenue within companies, but the tools we use to measure impact and scale those channels are stuck in the past,” explains Tim Dalrymple.

Tim was formerly the Head of Growth Marketing at Notion, and before that worked as the Director of Growth Marketing at Webflow. Today, he and his team (including cofounder Sawyer Kisken who was an early Product hire at Webflow) launched Roadway to solve the problem.

Roadway is an analytics and automation platform built to help growth marketing teams. First, it connects directly to source-of-truth data — Roadway says it meets you where you are, connects to a few basic tables and “map(s) those to our flexible schema so you don’t need to spend days prepping your data to get started.” From there, with the help of AI, Roadway creates a semantic layer for your key metrics and growth levers, so you can self-serve data and insights.

Say you want to pull up a chart of new customers, grouped by traffic source. You just type that in and Roadway will generate it for you. Then, the Growth Marketing Copilot delivers insights and recommends actions to take. These will, of course, depend on your data, but can be things like expanding your keywords and optimizing your bid for an SEM campaign, refreshing the content on a high-opportunity webpage for SEO, or running an A/B test on a certain ad campaign.

Roadway is launching its private beta today. You can join the waitlist, or reach out to the founders here if you’re interested in early access.

Check out Roadway
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🙌 Recent props: "Really love working with other products with a similar stance on privacy.”

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