Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 18th, 2019

An AI calendar with $11M in funding

Yesterday, Clockwise made a splash on Product Hunt with its *intelligent* calendar. But to be sure, this isn’t just another calendar app. 📅

Instead, Clockwise uses machine learning to make the calendars we already have work better. The startup’s big promise: you’ll get your time back. Some of Clockwise’s ~unique~ features:

  • Movable and unmovable meetings
  • Team sync for “Focus Time” aka uninterrupted blocks of time
  • Automatically go into Slack do-not-disturb during meetings
  • Personal calendar sync

According to Clockwise co-founder and CEO Matt Martin, the company has already given back over 12,000 hours of time to teams at Lyft, Coursera and Lattice. Some initial reactions from the PH community:

“Clockwise is a special product because it acts like a public good and has so many positive repercussions at the team and company level as soon as ONE person starts using it.” - Michelle

“If this delivers, it's the #1 product I've expected for the past 2 years” - Christophe

“Set up once and forget. It just works in the background” - John

The company also announced it raised an $11M Series A earlier this week. And they’re not the calendar startup raising capital. IRL launched their new social calendar alongside the announcement of their $8M round funding. Investors seem to be looking for the next Sunrise (RIP).

All G-Suite Calendar users can try out Clockwise. Test it and tell us what you think 👇

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