Dollar Flight Club 2.0

International and domestic flight deals delivered

You asked, we listened: Domestic Flight deals are live on our premium membership. The weekend warrior domestic deals depart on a Thursday/Friday and return Sunday/Monday so you don't have to take too much time off work. Give it a try on a free premium trial.
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Nick SchwabFounder @
@kyle_dollar_flight_club Love the idea, but I think you would get a lot more premium subscribers if you gave a free trial of Premium without the need to enter a credit card number. If the service really works and surfaces some great deals from my desired departure airport, throwing down my credit card would be a no-brainer. Instead of a time-based Premium trial, maybe a "your first deal is on us" model where users get Premium access for free until booking their first trip? Just some thoughts from someone who is interested in the service but doesn't want to enter their credit card number until knowing the service works :)
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@nickschwab @esspow Nick and Sean, appreciate the feedback and thanks for checking us out! One thing that is unique about us is we don't do any booking on our platform, just aggregation and curation of the flights from across different sources. To save customers time and money. Our number one goal is finding opportunities that are great for our users, but ultimately booking takes place in other areas...ex. Momondo. That being said, we couldn't have a perineum for free until booking your first trip... but I do think it would work great for a traditional commission based travel company with a premium option. We currently take the CC's for a number of reasons, including: Abuse prevention, streamlined trial process post signup, bot prevention, etc. I do think in a perfect world the free trial without inputing CC would be awesome but unfortunately there are some bad apples :( ...Thank you both for checking us out though and thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts.
@nickschwab Completely agree - if the service works as well as it claims, I will give you all my credit cards. As someone who flies once a month, this would be invaluable to me - but I just don't trust you enough to give you my credit card yet.
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We loved the feedback Product Hunt users gave us on our initial launch...we're looking forward to seeing what you think of our recent updates! Cheers, Kyle and the rest of the DFC team

I really prefer Hitlist.


Good deals on flights


Tried to cancel my trial and I couldn’t Even though I’m a paying member I still get spammed with their drip campaigns

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