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#5 Product of the DayJune 14, 2019
IRL’s newest upgrade brings you the social calendar you didn't even know was possible. Instead of having to message friends on multiple channels, you can make plans from your calendar invites on the go. A calendar with a built-in chat!
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Is this going to be the Facebook Events for people who deleted Facebook? Please say yes...
That’s the plan! @stevenjmesser
WARNING Guys, do not use this app! They just spammed all of my contacts with SMS without any consent. So sad that companies are still using these spammy tactics.
@kevinleehenry I had the same experience. I think that the app has a potential to replace FB Events, but they way they are using some of the spam tactics to drive the growth is questionable.
@kevinleehenry Product Hunt needs a Downvote/Report button for shady tactics like this :|
@kevinleehenry @marksnyd @tomashertus I did not have the same experience and allowed it to grab my contacts from email and phone. How did you find out they were sent that message? I reached out to friends and no-one received an email/text from this app 🤔
This is definitely fake news. The only way sms is sent to non-users in the app is via a text from your phone using iMessage @kevinleehenry @marksnyd @tomashertus
thanks for the clarification @abeshafi, I will try the app one more time! BTW I vouch for you guys, there has to be an app which will replace FB Events...
This is avery unique take on the calendar. Other calendars historically focus on workplace use cases and the enterprise. None of them are social and few merge event discovery into the experience. Downloading now.
Would love to know your thoughts! @rrhoover
Awesome product! 🔥 🔥 🙏
I read the article on TechCrunch "Calendar influencers? Event social network IRL raises $8M. Instagram for RSVPs". It will be interesting to see how an already established "Influencer" can create a larger momentum for this. Or how an aspiring "Activity Influencer" can start off by convincing friends to sign up, and then becoming more visible for other users.
One way I think we can start being helpful day 1 for any type of influencer is by providing a web profile that is an events calendar that influencers can promote as “Follow my events”. Here is an example of what we made for TC - @jl_fausto