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The 2020 Game Boy

Prediction: your next shiny new toy will be yellow.

Yesterday, Playdate, a tiny *yellow* Game Boy-like device made headlines for its black-and-white screen, chunky retro buttons and...hand crank. 👀

Panic, a company mostly known for making Mac apps, is behind the console, with help from hardware design company Teenage Engineering (the team behind Pocket Operator).

How it works: Instead of buying cartridges or downloading games, Playdate will release a “season” of games by unlocking one new game each week. The hardware is anti-smartphone and deviates from devices like the Switch, in that its aiming to be a distinctly *different* gaming experience.

Naturally, the Product Hunt community had some mixed reactions.

Some thought the device seemed quaint...

“What an awesome little collectors item” - Jonno

Others were surprised by Panic's design choices...

“IT HAS A CRANK???” - Ryan

Others were intrigued, but confused...

“I want it but I am not sure why” - Cody

Playdate will cost $149 and is expected to ship in early 2020. 🚀

Tell us what you think here.

Until Playdate ships, here are over 9,000 old school arcade games, playable in your browser for free. Happy Friday!

P.S. In case you were wondering, the crank is supposed to work as an analog stick that breaks us of the “touch psychosis” that smartphones have caused.


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