A music listening app where you & friends jam out together

Commutes Suck. Trips Rock.
Welcome to Roadtrip! A music listening app that invites you and your friends to jam out together. Play DJ or sit back and let someone else DJ your next commute, workout, or even just a few spare minutes!
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Any plans on making it available for Android? It takes me back to when I used Grooveshark (RIP) for this, with live radios being maintained by some random dude and you're just like "well, let's see what comes next", sounds really promising.
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@matheus_mohr +1 for an Android version @mazzeo. 🙏
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@matheus_mohr Agreed needs an Android version @mazzeo
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Hey team! Quick backstory: Brian and I have been building products together on the weekends for years just for fun. We both loved Turntable and that feeling of jamming out together and felt like it was time to bring back some of those old feels with a few new twists. Also, Brian has 100x better taste in music than me so I needed a new way to up my music game. While building we’ve found that it made long commutes, working out, or days when you were traveling a little less lonely. Also, music just made calls more fun and combined with some sound effects and small Easter eggs and Roadtrip started to give us both those summer camp vibes of some of our favorite social apps. We hope people have as much fun with it as we had building it! Thanks for checking it out! Matt
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@mazzeo I love music and sharing music with my friends so Roadtrip seems like the perfect product! Sadly, it's US only since I can't sign up with a French number :/ @mazzeo Do you plan on opening to international people with email signup for example? I am on the beta but can't beta test it 😅
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Looks great! Sorry to be “that” guy, any idea if you’ll be making it available outside of the US?
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I've seen so many attempts to recreate the magic of over the years. This is the best version I've seen, in large part because it's built for today (mobile, AirPod-friendly). Curious what's next on the roadmap (no pun intended), @mazzeo and @sgawb. 🤔
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@mazzeo @sgawb @rrhoover I'm excited to check this out, but you all have heard of JQBX, right?
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@rrhoover is another notable project
I signed up for the beta of this and then discovered it was iOS only. I would love to see this product be successful and come to Android. I really miss
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